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Interactive heat map of non-residential land use in San Nicolás, Mexico


Spatial Data Science #

As a spatial data scientist, I have played a crucial role in supporting urban planners throughout the planning process by providing and curating essential data sets to support decision making. By analyzing data, we gain a deeper understanding of a population’s characteristics and existing infrastructure such as transportation networks, landuse and utilities. Understanding existing conditions enables us to visualize the urban landscape, identify potential constraints, optimize spatial arrangements and ultimately make informed decisions on infrastructure development, improvements and outcomes. Additionally, I have utilized these curated data sets to facilitate meetings with communities for citizen feedback, fostering meaningful discussions to ensure that community voices are incorporated into the planning process.


Research facilitation #

As a research consultant I assist in facilitating the research process for both quantitative and qualitative research. There are many different stages of the research process and my role has focused on ensuring that a scientifically rigorous procedure is followed. The research process is adapted for the target audience, whether it is aimed at practitioners, governments, scientific journals, a specific client or the general public, as would the expected output, being a report, policy document, booklet, scientific article and/or presentation. In summary, I help facilitate the entire research process from definition, execution to dissemination or in simply one of these areas.


Education #

In my role as a private tutor, I have carefully curated training sessions for private clients in three key areas: QGIS, data visualization and Revit training.

For QGIS, I have developed comprehensive training programs that cover the fundamentals of geospatial analysis, data manipulation, and map creation. In the realm of data visualization, I have guided clients in utilizing dynamic mapping techniques to create visually compelling representations of spatial data. By combining data analysis skills with interactive mapping tools, clients have been able to communicate complex information effectively and engage stakeholders. I have delivered Revit training sessions tailored to clients’ architectural workflows, covering topics such as model creation, collaboration, and documentation. Through a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises, clients have gained proficiency in utilizing Revit.